Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Help and Harmony

Hey-ho everyone! There be changes in the water at this blog. First, if you'll glance ever-so-casually to the right, you'll notice a new panel for techniques that might throw you or tips on how to make your projects go better. For now, we have a knit and crochet glossary, but tell me what you want to see on the blog and I'll post it.

Secondly, as Katie e-mailed to us all (we love you Katie!!!!) we as a club have decided to help make hats, scarves, etc for people who are not as lucky as we. As a way of doing my part, I will print my extremely handy Universal Hat Pattern (patent pending) and pass it out on Wednesday. If I can find my Universal Mitten Pattern I'll print it too. I will also post my hat pattern here now for those of you who might be impatient or just want a copy on the blog for whatever personal reasons you might have.

Heather's Universal Hat:

You will need:
1 set of size nine (American) needles. Flat or circular, whatever floats your boat
Stitch marker (if circular)
Darning Needle
Measuring Tape

Step 1
Make a swatch. No griping! Just a tiny one.
Measure your stitches to the inch
Measure recipient's head

Now the dreaded math!!!!!!!!!
Let's say our recipient's head is 21 inches around. Let us also say you happen to get 7 stitches to the inch. Remember, this is all your gauge, so if you do not like the fabric you are getting, move up or down a needle. THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG GAUGE!

We do a wee little bit of arithmetic...21x7=147
Now, this is the only tricky part. We need to adjust the number just a little bit so that the total is divisible by ten. Since 147 is close to 150, we'll just call it 150.

This is the cool part! Cast on 150 stitches in any method you prefer. If knitting circularly, join in the round, being careful not to twist. Don't feel bad if you do, though. It's tricky and always takes me a couple of times to get it right. Place Marker. Knit until the life drains from you, or until you get about 5 to 6 inches, whichever comes first.

At the beginning of the next row (round) knit 9, then knit two together (k2tog). Repeat until you hit the end of your row (round). Knit the next row (round) straight. Repeat this pattern:
*K8, K2tog* rep
K 1 row(round)
*K7, k2tog* rep
k1 row (round)

Get it? Keep going til you have knit 1, k2tog. Now, take your darning needle. thread some yarn through the last few stitches (on my last hat it was only 13. Your mileage may very) and pull nice and tight. Weave in ends, sew up the seam if knitted flat, and viola! You may add a pom-pom if you want to. I would.

Thirdly, Harrison has one again found us a kick-ass, if not a wee bit more advanced, link. Let's give him a big hand.

PS. Short rows are not as scary as this uber-knitter makes it out to be. Trust me.

And finally, your moment of zen:


  1. The links on the right side don't work; there are two "http"s in a row, which is probably why it's freaking out...

  2. I love the video! So cute.
    Also, your hat pattern rocks, Heather, but you may want to round down instead of up b/c then the hat will fit snugger on your head!
    And you're so funny...I love your humor! Still doing stand-up?

  3. Usually, Abigail, I would agree with you, but I have found that people would rather have a wee-little-bit-big hat than a wee-little-bit-snug hat. Of course, it is possible my friends/family are strange like that, so I'll make a note for the club.