Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updates on Sock and whatnot~

From BSU Knit and Crochet Email:
"Finally, our big announcement, which many of you may or may not have heard about, is we're going to do a knit along. The pattern is "Fuzzy Feet":

We hope that this task will help us all learn and understand the construction of a sock in an easy ginormous gauge. Then, we felt it down to a fuzzy slipper, perfectly formed for your foot. We will break the pattern into sections and hope that everyone will be able to get to the next step each meeting. We can catch you up on the progress of your "sock" either on Mondays or Wednesdays. Don't be scared! We'll help you along! We believe any beginner can do this, and it will really rocket your abilities forward.

What You'll Need:
Size 11 double pointed needles
Worsted weight wool (Pure wool or no more that 10% blend of another natural fiber.)

One of our favorite wools is the fisherman's wool sold at Hobby Lobby in a great big skein for about $8. It comes in natural colors or a white if you'd like to attempt dying your own. Hobby Lobby also sells other wool and wool blend yarns, check your label carefully! Make sure that it is not "super wash" wool- this won't felt! We WANT it to shrink.

We're really excited about this adventure and plan to start it soon. Bring your supplies to club and we'll tell you about the rest! If you need any help getting supplies, please let us know. We can order you some needles or possibly loan and get some wool to you if you need too.

We hope school is going great for you! Good luck on midterms and hope to see you soon at club!"

As for this week, not much happened, we did go on a shopping trip since only 4 went to the meeting this night and bought lots of yarn. Using a 20% off coupon i found online, which is quite amazing for me since i haven't seen a 20% ever, only a 10% off total purchase.
Next week we will be ... doing more fuzzy feet related things from Heather, Nothing on my part, except i should contact Joanns to find if there is a way we can get a discount as a club shopping there, Katie.. nothing so far is there? except a dyeing yarn and whatnot day sometime.
Seems like there is a sock craze, and so here is some interesting links, some advanced and some good to start off with. i personally prefer the short row heel but some places suggest a gusset to start for your first sock like this first link from knitty where it helps you calculate and determine the amount of stitches, you will need a set of double pointed needles though for socks or learn how to do the "magic loop"
-Beginner's Gusset Sock on Knitty
-Very nicely taken photos on various ways to do socks
-Short row heel tutorial for socks ( i used this when i was stuck, there are many other ways for short rows relating to socks though )
-Another relating to short rows
-Small explanation on gusset heel socks with pictures
-Magic loop tutorial *Warning, PDF might slow down browser on some*
-Picking up stitches for gusset heel socks or this one as well for another gusset heel pictorial
=An amazing little way for double knitting: for socks! on knitty

Now my little additive:
You should try some homemade tagalongs, they were pretty easy to make and such, just make sure it goes in a nice preheated oven with the dough already chilled slightly or else the lukewarm temps will melt and then bake it which is fine but will join together your tagalong biscuits.
Interesting recipe of honeycomb crunch

Until Next Time!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well another week has started and spring is closely approaching, good time to start a simple spring project like a tank top or something or something else since we may get more snow or cold, who knows.

If you haven't already, here are the links for our BSU groups on various places: Ball state group
Facebook's Ball state knitting and crocheting group
Nothing else, feel free to comment and don't forget the times of our meetings:
Mondays- 7:15pm
Wednesday- 7:15pm
location: Atrium TV lounge on the side of the bookstore.

to leave you off, here is a video that seems helpful for knitters, there are many other ways to fix problems and dropped stitches, but here is just one:

Monday, February 15, 2010

Changes for the better

Well everyone, it seems that the fates have conspired in my favor. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have been selected to be vice president of our little pirate crew. That means that the blog is now under the care and wisdom of Harrison, our new secretary, uber-knitter, and all-around okay cat. I may pop back in on occasion, but for the most part expect Harrison to do a better job than I did (and let's not lie to ourselves; weasels on keyboards could do a better job than I did)

In other news, don't forget that tonight is our yarn swap. Bring yer crap and trade it for other people's crap!

And now, your moment of zen: