Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Started

Okay, we've had a few meetings so I thought I'd post a few things to help us get through the bumps you may encounter.

First, crochet.
Teresa's crochet page has a lot of good things, including left-handed crochet.  Good luck.

And now, knitting.
First we have the knit stitch, in continental because that is what Katie insists on teaching. 

And purl

And if you are lucky enough to get this far...casting off!

As a side note, if anybody knows a good knit/crochet glossary, send me the link so I can post in in the sidebar as a tool.

And now...your moment of zen.


  1. Love the moment of zen. Someone a Daily Show fan?
    Here's a great knitting glossary:
    and here's a very extensive crochet glossary:
    Also, you should probably post the meeting times on the sidebar under events.
    And MEGA PROPS to Katie for insisting on teaching Continental. You GO girl! Stay strong!
    Miss you all!

  2. stash busters to socks :p

  3. for those knittings, to show how "hard" it really isnt to do cables. not that a video is needed..